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Artist I Healer I THrive Consultant


“As a Somatic Abolitionist, my exploration of form, rhythm, flow, color, and composition is guided by an experiential immersive process of the felt sense, which honors the wisdom of the heart body's ability to support, move through, experience joy, and heal all levels of fear and oppression.”

Keita is a mixed media/ medium artist. She works through the medium of the
heart to create, heal, teach, nurture, understand, witness, and be understood.
Keita is a retired trauma psychotherapist, a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner, and a Kripalu Yoga Instructor. Keita grew up in New York City with majors in dance and arts. Keita’s eclectic musical style for SLMD is shaped by her NYC dance and performance experiences: Danceteria, Lime-Light, Save the Robot, CBGB, The Garage, Bentleys, and the infamous Mustard Seed Factory perforce arts rave in Williamsburg Brooklyn NY. Additional inspiration comes from her 6 years of experience producing and hosting the Mama Afrika Show, publishing articles with the Portland Press Herald, being a singer with Portland-based reggae bands and acoustic musicians, and a former Portland Community Dance DJ. Keita comes from a NYC/Brooklyn-based dance and performance arts scene. Keita received her BSW and MSW from the University of Southern Maine. She is the founder of Somatic Liberation Dance Waves for BIPOC Communal Healing, The Harriet Tubman Movement Coalition, Redefining Therapy, Ready, Set, Thrive, and lives in Harrison with her husband cultivating food and art.

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