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Sergei Slussky discovered Ballroom Dance while he was a student of Fine Arts in Yaroslavl, Russia. Drawn to the world of competitive ballroom dance, Sergei joined the Dancesport Formation Team "Vesna," touring in Russia, Poland and Romania and earning top honors in many events. Sergei's competition experiences eventually led him to teaching when he became the dance coach of a Formation team in his birthplace, Arkhangelsk, Russia. In 1991, Sergei came to Portland, Maine where he taught before entering Brigham Young University, renowned for having the largest collegiate Ballroom Dance program in the world. While at Brigham Young, Sergei excelled at the Ballroom Dance Medal Tests and danced with the BYU Formation team. After his time at BYU, Sergei taught dance in Boston before returning to Portland, Maine, his adopted hometown.


In 1998 with a "Highly Commended" score he became a member of the prestigious Imperial Society of Teachers of Dance (ISTD) and later, Dance Vision International Dance Association (DVIDA) both members of the National Dance Council of America. In 1999 Sergei opened the American Ballroom Dance Academy in Portland and then his current Aquarius Ballroom Dance Studios. Sergei has continued to compete in Professional and Professional-Amateur competitions throughout the US and Canada helping his students win awards while earning the Top Teacher title himself.


Sergei’s wide range of dancing and teaching experiences as well as his unique characteristics of meticulous, methodical presentation of material, warmth, style, grace and humor enables him to work well with a variety of students, ranging from beginners learning the foundations of social dance to experienced dancers wishing to hone their skills for in preparation for performance. Sergei joined The Ballroom’s dance faculty in January, 2000.

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